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AVENIR FOCUS is committed to the security, confidentiality and protection of its clients’ and consumers’ data.

The GDPR has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The adoption of this text should allow Europe to adapt to the new realities of digital.

As a fieldwork and research company and a member of the ESOMAR Group, AVENIR FOCUS is committed to complying with this European regulation.

In the current context (data digitization, cybersecurity), AVENIR FOCUS, which handles numerous sensitive personal data, is dedicated to protecting this information.

Internally, measures taken at the material level (facilities, production, organization), immaterial level (Information Systems), and human level (commitment to confidentiality, training, controls) ensure a high level of safety, reliability, and security.

Since 2018, a compliance action plan has been implemented by an internal Project Manager.

In 2022, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) was appointed and designated to the CNIL on November 23, 2022. An external firm has provided a Certified DPO to continue the compliance work.

A contact email address is available for any questions regarding data protection.

AVENIR FOCUS is committed to its clients and panelists at the highest level of advice, transparency, and security of the processed personal data.