We are interested in your opinion and your opinion earns you money !

With AVENIR FOCUS, it’s because your opinion is important that it earns you money.

We speak of compensaton in the form of a cheque, bank transfer (we will ask you for your bank account information) or gift voucher.

This compensation is not a salary. So there is no tax to pay, and no overheads.

The amount depends on the specificity of the subject and the length of your participation :

  • A « mass marketing » study earns you from 15 to 20 euros per hour while a  « Professional » study can bring in over a hundred euros.
  • A « hotel stay » study enables you to spend for example a free week-end in a starred hotel


Before enrolling you, AVENIR FOCUS informs you of the amount and manner of compensation and guarantees receipt of it.

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