How it works

The 3 key steps in order to take part in a Study :


In order to take part you have to be chosen.


To be chosen, AVENIR FOCUS has to know you.


To be known, you first have to be registered as a panelist (it’s free and just takes a few clicks)

Signing on in detail :

It’s easy, free and quick

It’s confidential : the information you give us is treated and stored in complete confidentiality.

Obviously : the more information you give us about yourself, the better your chances of taking part.

What next ?


As soon as we have a study which fits your profile, we send you a proposition by mail or SMS.


If you are free and have the right profile, you receive an invitation with all the practical information (day, time, meeting-place, compensation, type of meeting…)

Give your opinion !

On D-Day, give your opinion, it’s very important !


You then receive your compensation (cheque, bank transfer, gift voucher)

Off we go again !

You remain open to future requests because you are keen to renew the experience !

Your only responsibilities :

1/ being sincere in your reactions,

2/ being present and on time on the study day,

3/ being an active participant during the meeting

4/ respecting the required confidentiality about the subjects treated.

Become a Consum’Actor, sign on