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Become a Consum’Actor!

Your opinion matters to us, your opinion pays off!

Participate in our next studies!

The launch of a new product, packaging, service or advertising campaign is always preceded by a market study to gather the opinions of consumers and professionals.

Become a Consum’Actor!


Carry out "Mystery Shopper" type visits to the points of sale of a large company.


Test a new computer application or equipment.

Exclusive try

Try out a new car, a cosmetic product, a smartphone or a holiday in advance.


Participate in a policy study, infrastructure or utility project.


Evaluate a new advertising campaign, new logo, packaging.

Meet each other

Meet other consumers to evaluate a new service, help research.


With AVENIR FOCUS, it is because your opinion counts that it pays off.

This is compensation in the form of a check, bank transfer or gift voucher.

This compensation is not a remuneration but a compensation. There are therefore no taxes or charges.

The amount of this compensation depends on the specificity of the subject and the duration of your participation:

  • a “mass consumption” study pays 15 to 20 euros per hour when a study related to your profession can exceed a hundred euros.
  • a “hotel stay” study allows you to spend a weekend in a starred establishment for free.

per hour for a large consumption study.

per hour for a study related to your profession.

a hotel stay, high-end products in preview...

Before each participation in a study, we will inform you of the amount and terms of your compensation.

Course of action

It's very simple, just sign up!

In order to participate in a study, there are 3 key steps:

  1. Register quickly and free of charge by clicking here to be known by AVENIR FOCUS.
  2. Once you are known to us, you can be selected for a study that corresponds to your profile and preferences.
  3. Once selected, you choose whether or not to participate in the study.

Anyone can sign up.

Registration is simple, free and fast. And it’s completely confidential! The information you provide us with is treated and kept in complete confidentiality. It is not used for any other purpose than to offer you adapted studies.

When you register, you fill in your profile. The more complete and precise it is, the better your chances of being selected.

In all simplicity: you are invited, you answer the survey, you are rewarded.

All our studies, whatever their type, are carried out in the same way.

First of all, as soon as we have a study that is likely to correspond to you, we send you a proposal by e-mail or SMS.

If you are available for this study and if you are the profile we are looking for, you will receive an invitation with all the practical information (day, time, place of meeting, compensation, form of the meeting…).

On the day, you take part in the study and you only have to do one thing: express yourself!

You then receive your compensation (check or bank transfer, gift certificate).

As soon as we have a new study that corresponds to you, we let you know and we start again.

Being a Consum'Acteur means having the chance to give your opinion and be heard

The Consumer’s commitment charter is simple and is based on 4 points:

  • Be sincere in your answers ;
  • be active during the study ;
  • Be punctual and present on the day of the study;
  • Be respectful of the confidentiality that is required of you on the subjects discussed.

For more details, consult the panelist’s charter by clicking here.

Topics & testimonials

Consum’actors feedback

Who has never dreamed of being able to freely give their opinion on what our future will be?

AVENIR FOCUS invited us to a Parisian dealership on a Saturday morning. A prototype vehicle equipped with all new technologies was entrusted to us for the whole weekend, all expenses paid. The vehicle will be released next year and we can't wait to see it in the dealership and check that our observations have been taken into account.

Jennifer & PatriceCar enthusiasts
... or share a pleasant and friendly moment with other participants?

AVENIR FOCUS had arranged for me to meet with other moms to try out some new baby diapers. My twins were obviously delighted to play with the other children. We were welcomed in comfortable lounges and had a warm welcome with an excellent snack. We left with our arms full of gifts for our children and received a transfer of 50 € for the 2 hours spent together. A great experience! I have since become friends with Marie, one of the participants with whom we exchange many services and "tricks" of moms.

EmmaMother of twins
...borrow a detective's outfit for a few hours?

AVENIR FOCUS asked me to become the "detective" of a large retailer for a morning. My mission was to evaluate the reception, the service, the shelving and the cleanliness between the 4 points of sale. I then debriefed with an expert. Not only did I have a great time, but I also received a compensation of 70€ (net of tax) for 3 hours of participation. It's great, the team too, a little dedication to Jeremy who recruited me!

Jean44 years old
... become a brand influencer?

For 12 weeks I participated in a community of consumers on the AVENIR FOCUS online platform. At the end of very lively discussions, we unanimously rejected a cosmetic product that the manufacturer was planning to market and that he had us test. We were heard since the product that replaced it corresponds exactly to our recommendations. It has just been put on the market and is a real hit. As a result, we have just received a bottle of champagne in addition to the €180 compensation we received by bank transfer.

SachaStudent in Human Sciences
... test very innovative products related to health?

I wear blood circulation support products. I was given 3 new products from a major manufacturer to test. I can't get rid of them because they are so effective, comfortable and easy to put on. What's more, I was invited to try them again next week to validate the improvements we had suggested.

RogerRetired from Air France
... or meet with colleagues on professional topics?

I have just participated in a two-hour meeting with colleagues on a sensitive professional topic. We were asked to be very discreet and at the same time to express ourselves with the greatest freedom. Beyond the advantageous financial compensation, I was able to express my point of view with a great quality of listening and a rare freedom of tone. My colleagues, who for the most part were participating for the first time in this type of meeting, left like me, pleasantly restored (a very qualitative buffet was served to us during the meeting) and enchanted by this rich experience.

LaurentAccounting expert

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